Are we alone in the universe?

A guest post that I wrote over at City Bible Forum.

My wife and I were recently asked to give a seminar at the University of Melbourne on the question of alien life. As an astrophysicist and a biologist, we presented what science can currently say about the possibilities of life beyond Earth, and also each gave our perspectives on how we personally think about the subject.

I’ve distilled the main points of the talk into essay form, check it out here:

Are we alone in the universe?


4 thoughts on “Are we alone in the universe?

  1. Dr. How do you deal with the constant mix of arrogance and ignorance in some atheists – the kind that think bullying people with petty insults are a good argument? I always get angry and have a hard time being nice.

    • I think that arrogance is an easy trap for any of us to fall into, and we should be careful to live our own lives in humility. Avoiding anger and remaining humble is a good witness, as well as being good for our mental health!

      In terms of being nice, I think there is a time to engage with a conversation and a time to walk away. Personally, I enjoy a conversation based on mutual respect, so I’m not interested in talking to someone who resorts to insults and bullying. But I prefer to walk away rather than getting angry, there are better ways to spend my time than in argument.

      Btw, I had a look at your blog, and it has some good resources on it. But I admit my Portuguese is very limited, so I probably didn’t get the full benefit of it… 🙂

      • Sorry for being late, but thanks for the advice. I’m just trying to translate useful stuff, since the best resources are mainly in english, and my fellow countrymen are mainly illiterate when it comes to english. I’ve not translated sutff for quite some time, but I plan on posting new stuff this year (problem is I’m busy and work alone :/ )

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