These goats are awesome

I realise that yesterday’s post spent a long time dwelling on unpleasant aspects of the animal kingdom, but I don’t take a negative view of nature. On the contrary, I am continually astounded by the splendour of the natural world. As but one example of just how awesome Creation is, let me offer a set of pictures of goats.

This is the wall of Cingino Dam in the Italian Alps:


Zooming in a little closer, we see several dark marks on the wall:


Still closer, the dark marks resolve more clearly:


Goats! Standing on a near-vertical wall!

I mean, these guys don’t even have fingers and they can climb better than us!

The goats (or more properly Alpine Ibex, Capra ibex) are wild and live in the nearby mountains. They scale the wall to lick salt off the rocks, and also to nibble on the lichen and moss that grows in cracks.

And they’re very cute.


6 thoughts on “These goats are awesome

  1. Spider Goat
    Spider Goat
    Does whatever a Spider Goat does.
    Does he swing from a thread?
    No, he can’t. He’s a goat.
    Watch out!
    Here comes the Spider Goat.

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